Top 5 Best Glucometer In India (Jan 2021)- Reviews & Buying Guide

With the rise of disease due to unhealthy lifestyle, India is known as the diabetes capital of the world. And it is estimated to rise more than 100 percent by 2030 which makes total of 8 crore Indians with diabetes.  

Along with lifestyle changes, regular monitoring of your blood glucose levels is essential to control diabetes. Diabetes is a chronic disease that affects 400 million adults every year worldwide. 

A glucometer is a sophisticated device that demands only a single drop of blood and gives you instant feedback whether your blood sugar levels are on a high or low with digital readings.

Finding a good glucometer is really important because it not only gives incorrect test results but can also worsen your diabetes as the treatment depends on the blood sugar levels. Therefore, investing in a good-quality glucometer becomes very crucial. 

Here, are the list of best glucometer in India these are the ones that have the best function, quality, durability, and ease of use.




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Dr. Trust Glucometer Machine

Accu-Chek Active Blood Glucose Meter Kit

OneTouch Select Plus Simple Glucometer

Dr. Morepen BG-03 Gluco One Glucometer

BeatO Smartphone Glucometer

1.Dr. Trust Glucometer Machine

best glucometer in India


The Dr. Trust Gold Standard Blood Glucose Monitor is an easy to use device which is reliable and very accurate in terms of testing and giving you proper readings. This particular meter comes with all the handy features. It is completely automated to make self-testing less painful and effortless. 

The kit includes 25 strips, pen lancing device with different penetration settings, 10 lancets, a battery and glucometer. It only takes 0.5 µL blood, which makes testing less painful.

The kit comes with 60 strips and 60 lancets which avoids running back to the store every 2-3 days. The strips can last up to 2 years while the lancets have a lifespan of 5 years. The device works on different modes depending upon the time of the day the blood samples are inserted. 

2.Accu-Chek Active Blood Glucose Meter Kit


Accu-Chek is one of the most trusted and authentic brands when it comes to blood glucose monitoring. It even satisfies the ISO standards when it comes to accuracy. The glucometer requires no coding, which makes the device more accurate and comfortable to use.

 It also comes with two-button intuitive handling. It has a set button “S” and a memory button “M”. Using the set button we set the date and time as we were using the device for the first time. Memory button helps you store the results

This device has a backlight display that is easy to read at night. It shows you result with a smiley face; a happy face indicates a good result, and a sad face indicates a bad result. This Glucometer can store 1000 recent results with date and time. It will be very helpful in keeping records as the results have a date and time stamp on them.

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3.OneTouch Select Plus Simple Glucometer

best glucometer in India


OneTouch is well-known and the most selling brand in the USA. The Select Plus Simple glucometer is one of the brand’s most advanced devices. It does not have any buttons which require no coding or set up which gives you accurate results in seconds.

It is easy to learn to use this Glucometer. Even those who don’t know anything about glucometers can easily use this product. This is the best Glucometer for those who are just starting blood glucose testing.

It uses Colour Sure technology that has colour indicators of red, blue, and green colour to let you understand your blood glucose test results in a better way. It even tells you when your levels are high or low. The audio signals and the colour indicators make understanding your test results extremely easy.

4.Dr. Morepen BG-03 Gluco One Glucometer



Dr. Morepen Gluco One Glucometer BG03 is a revolutionary and excellent value for money blood glucose monitoring devices available in India.

Dr. Morepen BG-03 is one of the most affordable blood glucometers in the market. The BG-03 comes with great features and a very low price. BG-03 is a smart glucometer with an ergonomic design.

This glucometer is equipped with a good number of useful features like 25 test strips, lancets, and LCD display at reasonable prices. All of them help to track your blood readings perfectly.

This glucometer comes with inbuilt memory that can memorize up to 300 previous results, so there is no need for noting down your daily results.

The ideal sugar readings should be of range 140-200mg/dl. Maintain the blood sugar levels stable to stay strong, healthy and lead a happy life. 

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5.BeatO Smartphone Glucometer


This is a cool and unique glucometer that’s compatible with smartphones. The BeatO Smartphone Glucometer Kit is very innovative and makes sure that your SmartPhone turns out to be your healthcare device. 

This device is different from most other glucometers in the market. The entire kit comes with 50 lancets and 20 + 30 free RGB Sinocare Safe-Accu 2 Test Strips. It has a lancing device and a plastic case included along with the glucometer which comes with a 3.5 mm audio jack to connect to your smartphone. It works with the rich in features BeatO app.

 It’s also much smaller than a regular glucometer, which makes it easier for you to carry around. They’re displayed in a nice and organized way, and they’re easy to access. Another big way in which this is better than a regular glucometer is battery life and durability. It can last for up to 5 years and 4000 tests.

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Things To Keep On Mind While Choosing best Glucometer In India


According to medical experts we interviewed, they feel that accuracy is the most important factor to consider while looking for a glucometer. The big reason being, with proper knowledge of blood sugar level, you can receive a proper diagnosis.

If the device is not accurate and shows faulty results, it might lead to improper treatment which will make the health even worse.

Convenience of Use

To use and maintain a glucose meter comfortably, make sure to check what it takes to get it to work, for if it’s not configured to be automatically set up, all the settings would have to be done manually. Probably, not the best option if you look for a device to give to your senior relative. 

Learn in advance how long it would take for the readings to come upon a screen and whether the screen is big enough to display them clearly. The average time for one blood sugar test ranges between 5-10 seconds.

Battery or rechargeable

Certain glucometers come with a battery that can be changed after every 1000-1500 readings and there are rechargeable glucometers that don’t require any battery. 

Mostly, people prefer a rechargeable one because it can work similarly to any other chargeable electronic device by churning out the chances of changing batteries frequently. 


As Indians, we always look for something extra with what we purchase as we expect most things for free for the price we pay. The same is the case with Glucometers. If you invest in an entire kit, make sure to check if they offer enough number of strips and lancets to get started with. 

It should not be so that you are paying a high price for the entire kit only to receive a machine with a limited number of lancets and strips.

Data Storage

Some glucometers are capable of storing your test readings so that you can access them at a later date. They come with storage or a memory chip, which allows the device to store the readings. Glucometers with a data storage function are such time savers. 

You don’t have to manually record your daily readings in a diary, your device would do that for you. The number of readings that a glucometer can store depends on the storage capacity of the device. Usually, the range is from one week up to one month. 

Data Transfer

While certain devices allow data storage, others allow a transfer of data to other devices that can be connected to your glucometer. This includes your phone, laptop, or tablet. Keeping a set of stored readings not only helps you in better analysis and judgment but also helps you understand the course of improvement and decline in your health.

User Friendly

With the device looking after your health you need to be able to use the device well. For which, the device should be easy to use and not complex for people with lesser technological exposure or elderly people with strained vision.

Factors that affect glucose readings?

1.Reading technique

Some users fail to read correctly and that is why the accurate readings can’t come. Make sure that you have tested the levels first in front of a doctor or physician and then by yourself. 

2. Testing site

Sometimes the lotions or other materials on your hands can affect the readings and that is why it is always important to test after washing hands to avoid dirtiness and wrong readings. 

3.Test Strips

Make sure the test strips you are using are compatible with the best glucometer in India. Always check the compatibility and the expiry dates of the test strips before buying. 

4.Condition Of The Weather

Well, a difference in the weather can also affect the best glucometer in India. Therefore, choose the glucometer that works in all weather conditions.

FAQs [Best Glucometer In India]

Q.How does glucometer work?

Ans: It works by reading the amount of glucose in the blood. First, you insert a fresh strip into a glucometer and when the device signals you to add drop of blood. Prick your finger and add the blood sample. 

Once enough blood is on the strip, the device reads the amount of glucose and shows you the result. If the sugar level is lower or higher, it alerts with a beeper.

Q.How accurate Blood Glucose Meters are?

Ans: According to the FDA regulations, the accuracy of the blood glucometers for home use should be

  • 95% of values must be within +/-1

Q.Can two different people use the same blood glucose meter?

Ans: Yes, one blood glucose meter can be used by two different people to assert both their reading but using the same testing supply is highly inadvisable. There are many illnesses that are only transmitted through blood, such as HIV, Hepatitis B & C, and also AIDS.

Q.Is there a way to calibrate my blood sugar meter?

Ans: Most glucometers today are automatic meter which does not require calibration. However, there are few others that depend on manual coding. The technique used for calibration in the automatic and the manual glucometers may differ.

Q. Is it safe to use glucometer?

Ans: Yes, it is 100% safe to use glucometer as it does not result in any side effects. You just need to store the device in hygienic condition and maintain properly to last longer.

Q.How long does Accu-Chek battery last?

Ans: The battery life of an Accu-Chek device depends on the type of model under consideration. Those Accu-Chek glucometers that have more detailed functions to perform, often have a longer battery life of about 1000 to 2000 tests. On average, the battery of Accu-Chek devices can last up to 500 to 1000 tests. 

Q. What is coding?

Ans: Coding is a process of calibrating meter when you use a new batch of strips. Each strip manufacturer provides the code that you use to tell the glucometer to adjust the reading.

However, coding is not an issue with new-age glucometers. They automatically code when a strip of new variant is used. While buying a new glucometer, ask for automatic coding glucometer.

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