14 April, 2024

7 Best Soundbar Under 20000 – April 2022

Are you looking for the best soundbar under 20000 for your TV? If yes, then you have landed in right place in this article we will help you in buying a good soundbar. Soundbar is a narrow vertical speaker which enhances the audio quality. So, you can experience cinematic audio quality, good bass and clear sound.

The soundbar is necessary because modern TVs come with a slim body and the speakers inside them are usually small. So, it needs a good soundbar for a better audio experience. Most of the high-end sounders are wireless and come with a subwoofer.

There are tons of soundbars in the market today, and although some are of exceptional quality, others will only end up disappointing you if you spend your hard-earned money on them. Every soundbar comes with different features and thus the need to pay extra attention if you want to get the best.

We’ve come up with this guide to ease your worries. We have listed some of the Top-notch soundbars in Indian markets available under 20000 rupees. Thus the confusion in the selecting process can be minimized.

1. JBL Bar 2.1 Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer

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  • 300 Watt Powerful Deep Bass Sound
  • Comes with Dolby Digital Embedded
  • It has 2.1 Stereo Sound
  • 1-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Wireless music streaming with Bluetooth
  • Works with your TV remote control

This soundbar from JBL is quite a famous and well-known name in the market of soundbar under 20000. With this soundbar, you can enjoy the amazing sound quality for all your movies and music. The 300W output of total RMS totally ensures this to the users.

If you are using this soundbar, you don’t need any additional wires, speakers or any devices to enjoy the maximum sound clarity. You can also enjoy the deep and enrich bass sound quality with this soundbar as it is well-supported by the 165mm wireless subwoofer. This again ensures the users that they will get the desired value for their money.

Without a doubt, this particular soundbar under the brand of JBL is the perfect combination of sleek design and impressive sound. However, the channel separation in this soundbar is a little weak.

2. Bose Solo 5 Bluetooth Soundbar


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  • Bluetooth and USB connectivity
  • 10m Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Easy to install and use
  • One-piece soundbar with dialogue mode
  • One-touch volume balancing and control
  • Compact soundbar with excellent features

Bose is one of the brand names that have become popular within no time. It has become a household name with its easy and high-quality soundbars. This is the best soundbar under 20000,

Along with the attractive performances, the soundbars made under this brand are also affordable for the common people. The design of the soundbar is extremely attractive and its one-piece design can easily accommodate anywhere. The in-built subwoofers have the impedance of 6 ohms while its power source is the power cord attached.

Bluetooth connectivity on the Solo 5 is one of the best we have ever seen. It has a range of 10 metres and you can instantly connect your devices or switch between connected devices on the fly. You also get a universal remote for all your audio control needs.

The soundbar has a special mode that automatically analyzes the sound sources and distinguishes between music and dialogues efficiently to deliver crispy audio even if dialogue volume is too low.

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3. Philips Bluetooth Soundbar Speaker

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  • Dolby Digital for ultimate movie experience
  • Richer Sound for Watching TV and Movies
  • Flexible placement on the wall, tabletop or stand
  • Comes with 1 year warranty on product
  • Twin tweeters for optimum clarity performance
  • Easy control multiple devices via a single remote

Philips is one of the popular names in the market that gives astounding soundbars. The virtual encompass sound of this soundbar produces copious completely clear and boisterous sound utilizing under 5 speakers. It tends to be effectively associated with your TV and other remote gadgets without confronting any issue.

The soundbar comes with some amazing features and builds quality that ensures quality performance and durable life. The Sound bar also has an elegant design and solid body.

This soundbar alone is sufficient to make you groove on this super-astonishing sound in additionally it has a blend of subwoofer and speaker that again guarantees the best consequences of a virtual encompass framework.

It is good with the different MP3/WMA documents and information. Alongside this, the Bluetooth availability of this soundbar lets the clients remotely stream all their preferred music records.

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4. Sony HT-RT3 Real Dolby Digital Soundbar


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  • 5.1 Surround sound channel
  • 600W Power output
  • NFC – Bluetooth connectivity
  • Dedicated Subwoofer
  • 1 year warranty on product
  • Balanced audio quality with rich bass

Sony Being one of the popular manufacturing brands of soundbars always delivers its customers with quality and satisfaction. This Sony HT-RT3 soundbar delivers a thrilling soundscape with an output power of 600W.

The kit consists of a soundbar, a dedicated subwoofer and two additional speakers. With easy wireless connectivity via Bluetooth you can connect your devices to the music system from anywhere you want. USB audio playback is also available if you want to use the soundbar as a standalone device and play music from USB drives. The device automatically detects your drives and sorts your media into a library.

The other notable features of this soundbar are Dolby Digital sound technology, stream your favorite music instantly with one-touch listening- NFC technology which removes the need for frustrating wires, and for the connectivity purpose this soundbar is provided with single HDMI ARC output. This is our 4th list of best soundbar under 20,000.

5. Samsung Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer


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  • Budget Friendly price
  • Can be controlled with TV remote.
  • 1 year comprehensive warranty
  • Optimized sound for various content
  • Wireless music streaming with Bluetooth
  • Powerful bass with the 2.1ch wireless subwoofer

On the list of best soundbar under 20000, another is Samsung which needs no introduction in India. If you are searching for a budget soundbar with powerful subwoofer then there is no better model than Samsung T45E 2.1 channel soundbar. It has optimized modes for different types of content like movies, sports, music, games, etc.

This soundbar comes with 2.1 channel surround and 6.5” subwoofer that gives you a superior audio experience compared to what your TV already has. It produces a total of 200 Watts sound output that is more than enough for the majority of middle class homes.

The soundbar has a special algorithm that automatically analyzes the sound sources and optimizes the audio track. It has done a great job in differentiating different scenarios like loud sports or drama with quiet dialogue.

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6. boAt AAVANTE BAR 2000 160W Bluetooth

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  • Multiple connection options
  • Sleek superior design
  • Easy access integrated controls
  • Wireless 80W subwoofer connection
  • The wireless subwoofer produces thrill bass
  • Unique connectivity options including HDMI port

boAt is another reliable brand name which is known to deliver high-quality soundbar for the convenience of the users. One of the specialties of the brand is that it designs all its products according to the needs and requirements of the users. It is one of the trusted brand names when it comes to offering a perfect combination of looks and functionalities.

The soundbar comes with adequate connectivity options like HDMI, AUX, and USB. Thus, it becomes convenient to connect all types of smartphones, tablets, and other devices to the soundbar.

It adjusts the volume of different channels according to deliver a continuous output. Thus, you can switch on the system and relax on your sofa in front of the TV and let the soundbar manage the audio aspects.

7. F&D T388 Soundbar Bluetooth Speaker


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  • Total Power Output (RMS): 140 Watts
  • Wireless Subwoofer Connectivity
  • Digital audio supporting features
  • Comes with 1 year warranty
  • Optimized sound for various content

Another on our list of best soundbar under 20000 is F&D T388 Bluetooth Soundbar comes with a 140 watts audio output which gives a decent and good quality sound. It may not be very effective in a big sized room but it is good for a small sized room. The manufacturer has given a premium black colour finish to the device which makes it look much aesthetic than many other Soundbars.

The F&D T388 Soundbar 39.6 cms in size and it can be easily mounted on the wall or placed anywhere you want. It supports different sound technology like Dolby Atmos and immersive surround sound. It comes equipped with a subwoofer that offers you the perfect level of bass and enhanced sound quality. This is our final list of best soundbar under 20000.

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Things To Keep On Mind Before Buying Best Soundbar Under 20,000

Size of Soundbar

You should also consider the size of the selected soundbar as you surely wouldn’t want to select the soundbar that doesn’t fit in the particular selected place. Generally, people select the soundbar as of the same size as their TV set.

Range of Accessibility

Just like the game turns more interesting when it runs under your charge, it is same to do with the device getting complete control of the system makes you feel more pleasing which is possible by choosing a user-friendly interface (i.e. a form of access which is comfortable to use)

It has a feature that allows you to set the panel, sound settings enable you with a higher range of accessibility.


This is an important decision to make. Should you buy a soundbar with or without subwoofers? In simple terms, subwoofers are speaker drivers. They can reproduce low-frequency audio.

You need subwoofers to add muscle to TV shows and movies. They can amplify the sound and create a fuller effect thereby projecting wholesome audio throughout the room.


One of the main features is connectivity. You should know about the connectivity channels of the soundbar. Most soundbars should be able to connect to the TV using a cable. They might even include a cable with the purchase. This is a simple way to connect the soundbar to your TV.

There are also wireless connection options. The most popular one is Bluetooth connectivity. It allows you to connect the speaker wirelessly, which is preferable. Other channels of connection include wireless audio streaming and USB. These are extras and offer a nice perk for connecting devices.

IR Sensors and Placement

Where do you place the soundbars? In the case of wall-mounted TVs, it is very convenient to place the soundbars below the TV set on the wall. The problem arises when you use the entertainment stand to place the TV.

You will not be able to keep the soundbar on the stand because that would block the IR sensor of the TV. There is a new technology available nowadays known as IR repeaters. These pass the signal through the soundbar to the TV sensor.

Sound System

There are many different sound systems and technologies that are used in a soundbar. The sound technology of a soundbar will basically determine what the sound quality is and how good it is at delivering the sound. It is another feature that you can look at when you are trying to decide about which sound bar that you should get.

You can check on the product description because it will usually say what the sound technology is used by the sound bar. For example, Beats, B&O, and Dolby are three examples of sound technologies. They are all very good and there are many other sound technologies and systems out there that are good.

FAQs [Best Soundbar Under 20000 In India]

Q. What size of soundbar should you buy?
Ans: It depends on the size of the TV. Do not confuse with the screen size because the screen size is measured on a diagonal basis. Hence, you should according to this chart.

A 12-inch sound bar should be fit for any size of TV screen. A 42 to 50-inch TV would need a sound bar in the range of 38-45 inches. Similarly, you need a 50-inch sound bar to cater to TVs having screen sizes 55 to 60 inches. In case you have a 70-inch TV, your sound bar should be around 60 inches.

Q. Is 5.1 or 2.1 surround sound better?
Ans: A 5.1 system produces better surround sound experience because it has more speakers compared to 2.1 systems. The 5.1 sound bar has 5 speakers including a front left and right and a front center speaker. It also includes rear left and right speakers plus a subwoofer for a surround sound experience. A 2.1 system is just the Left and Right channel in the front and a subwoofer.

Q. How many watts is a good sound bar?
Ans: It entirely depends on your room size. On average 120 watts to 200 watts is considered as standard for the majority of small to medium sized rooms. If you have larger rooms, you can consider picking 300+ watts soundbars.

Q. Do soundbars have Bluetooth facility?
Ans: Most of the modern-day soundbars have Bluetooth connectivity. This allows you to stream wirelessly from your smartphone or tablet. You can also have Wi-Fi streaming systems on your soundbars in addition to Bluetooth.

Q. What is the difference between sound base and sound bar?
Ans:  Soundbar is narrow speaker which comes with a subwoofer and 2 audio channels. Soundbase is a bit larger base where you place the TV. It is used for connecting other large speakers as it doesn’t come with any speakers in it. When it comes to price, sound based are a bit expensive than sound bar. And there is no much difference in sound quality between the two types.

Q. Are TV soundbars worth it?
Ans: Yes, TV soundbars are definitely worth it. Nowadays TVs are becoming slimmer and slimmer and longer speaker units cannot be installed inside. So soundbars deliver a rich and pichy audio compared to what TV can offer traditionally.

Q. Which are the best soundbars?
Ans: Best soundbars are considered to have enough sound output, multiple connectivity options, multiple speakers, high resolution sound and it has to support several audio formats as well. Budget and usage also determine the quality of the soundbar. Some of the best soundbar models come with Sony, Philips, Boat and JBL.

Q. Does a sound bar need a receiver?
Ans: A soundbar doesn’t require a receiver. It comes with several speakers and the electronics to power them all in one thin enclosure that you connect to your TV. Some come with separate subwoofers that are usually wireless. Others come with rear speakers to create a full surround sound system.

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