Top 5 Bestselling Gaming Chair In India (Nov 2020)- Loved by PC Gamers

If you are thinking about buying the best gaming chair then you came to the right place. Here, today I am going to tell you about the best gaming chair in India 2020.

 I am huge gamers myself and have evaluated the finest gaming seats on the market, chairs that offer excellent comfort levels and advanced features for prolonged gaming sessions.

Here, I focused on features like comfort, adjustability, and durability most and measured how easy it was to adjust your gaming chair in the middle of playing and sat in the chairs for extended periods of time to truly see if you can game on end.

After reading this buying guide you will be able to buy one of the best gaming chairs present in India.




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GreenSoul Monster Series Ergonomic Chair

Nokaxus Gaming Chair Ergonomic Racing Seat

Vertagear S-Line SL2000 Gaming Chair

Savya by Apex Crusader XI Gaming Chair

Ant Esports WB-8077 with Adjustable Backrest

1.GreenSoul Monster Series Ergonomic Chair (GS-734)

gaming chair india


GreenSoul Monster Series is an excellent gaming chair that comes with a breathable premium soft fabric allows air-flow that provides a cool and comfortable sitting position.

It helps to keeps the air flowing on your back for enhanced air circulation, preventing heat build-up.

The design is easily customized, allowing you to find your perfect posture using the adjustable armrests, height and rock.

It had a large spacious seat with dual-color ( Black & Red ) gives not only attractive look but also makes your seating experience better with density moulded foam. 

2.Nokaxus Gaming Chair with Ergonomic Racing Seat

Nokaxus Gaming Chair


Nokaxus Gaming Chair is finely-tuned for those users that play a lot of computer games. Since it is cushioned specifically for the shape of an arm and adjustable in four different directions.

Nokaxus Gaming Chair provides footrest and a gaming chair with massage comfortable with awesome design quality.

This chair is characterized by 360 degrees of rotation, adjustable height, retractable footstool, USB waist massage pillow, adjustable waist pillow and head pillow. This is one of the best list of gaming chairs in India.

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3.Vertagear S-Line SL2000 Gaming Chair

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Vertagear racing series SL-2000 series gaming chair have a classy design. High backrest is designed to provide neck, shoulder and lumbar support. 

It is reconstructed with heavy-duty alloy material that assures a solid structure. It is made with an extremely durable premium PVC faux leather and gives a luxurious look.

The SL2000 offers an adjustment from 80 degrees to 140 degrees to enhance your gaming experiences. 

4.Savya by Apex Crusader XI Gaming Chair

gaming chair india


Savya Apex Crusader XI comes with a very smooth coating of PU with Alloy wheels. It has a strong metal frame designed to help promote a comfortable seated position.

It has a padded back and adjustable head and lumbar pillows to fit your posture in the most comfortable way possible.

This chair can turn up to 170 degrees. The look of this chair is very stylish with a height adjustment feature.

5.Ant Esports WB-8077 with Adjustable Backrest

gaming chair india


Ant Esports WB-8077 is built for comfort.The chair has supportive padding, which is perfect for gamers who want to game for multiple hours in a single session.

While relaxing between the in-game sessions and having an aggressive sitting position, is all managed by the locking tilt mechanism. 

An added support pillow helps you to maintain your posture while gaming. It has an adjustable backrest angle between 90 degrees to 135 degrees and can take load up to 150kgs.

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Key Indicators of a Top Gaming Chair


Much like office chairs, you need to look for comfort in chairs for PC gaming. It doesn’t matter how many fancy features the chair has, or how many different directions you can adjust it – if it’s uncomfortable, it won’t be a good gaming chair. 

You want a chair with good build quality and things like lumbar cushions, which allow you to easily sit in the chair for a couple hours or more without need to get up or constantly change positions. 

Make sure to also check on the maximum load for your PC gaming chair. Your level of comfort can go way down if your weight exceeds that limit.

2.Durable Materials 

Comfortable chairs are all well and good, but we also like to see stainless steel support, dense foam, and custom-made fabrics that are designed for long-term use. Nothing is worse than seeing a chair start to fall apart after just a few seasons of gaming.


It’s important to know when adjustability matters in gaming and when it doesn’t. Arm adjustability, for example, is very important on gaming chairs, simply because of how we sit. Comfortable arms that can easily be adjusted in a variety of directions are a big plus.

Most Important Features while Buying Gaming Chair in India

Flexible Back

  • The adjustability of the chair back is important when it comes to overall positioning and comfort. Also look for options that increase the resistance of the back if it includes the ability to tilt under pressure.


  • Whether you need rollers or not, it’s important to know if the chair includes them. Remember, the wrong type of rollers can damage hardwood floors or carpet without adequate protection.


  • We’re not talking about giant cushions here, but rather firm support and lumbar pillows that you can adjust or remove if necessary. These are important features to consider if available.

Extra Features

  • Take a look at any interesting extra features. Often, these features can change your gaming experience in important ways, improving immersion or give you a comfort features you never knew you needed.


  • Look for supple materials that have some give, but not too much. The most common fabrics are usually various types of PVC leather, but there are many different grades of quality here, so don’t assume all leather seats are the same. Some chairs are even made of real leather, but expect to pay a higher price for those models.

Best Gaming Chairs India

Technology and the internet have increased connectivity in all spheres of life. Earlier adults and children would play with board games, but now, video games have evolved to high-tech games involving adults, youngsters, and children. These games are of professional quality with excellent sounds and graphics, and some even need money to play.

The new generation is quite attracted to gaming. Gaming in front of a console can get tedious without a comfortable chair that helps protect the spine and maintain a good posture. For this reason, specialized chairs called Gaming Chairs have been invented, keeping in mind the long hours that gamers need lumbar and spinal support.

A gaming chair helps in maintaining the correct posture and provides you with a comfortable feeling. It reduces tension and stress levels while playing long duration games. It also helps in maintaining the flexibility and physique of people.

Are gaming chairs good for posture?

Gaming chairs should be good for your posture. A great gaming chair will support both your lower and upper back to keep you comfortable when you’re locked in for a marathon session of Fortnite.

When using a chair for a long time, the NHS recommends having your arms parallel to the floor, your knees slightly lower than your hips, your screen at eye level and your feet flat on the floor.

If your gaming chair lets you do all of the above, that’ll help keep your back in decent condition.