14 April, 2024

5 Best Submersible Pump In India – April 2022

Submersible Pumps are the water pumps but do you know what is the basic difference between a regular pump and a Submersible Pumps? Well, the regular water pump is fixed above the ground whereas the Submersible Pumps are fixed below the ground. They are near to the water table and mostly submerged in the groundwater.

These Submersible Pumps are more efficient when it comes to energy consumption and they do not make a lot of noise either. Moreover, Submersible Pumps are highly durable and they have a long life but a repair can be really expensive as well.

It is always better to buy Submersible Pumps from a good brand and do you know which are the best Submersible Pumps Brands in India? Well, let us have a look at it. Here we had made a comprehensive list of best submersible pump in India and carefully outlined the best products to choose from the huge industry.

1. Kirloskar Submersible Pump

Kirloskar Submersible Pump 1HP With Control Panel Single Phase

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  • Comes with a 2880 rpm power
  • Kirloskar series has a good suction power
  • Sprinkle distance of 10 to 350 meters
  • It is compact size and lightweight
  • Ideal for gardening and farming purpose
  • Pump is made with stainless steel material.
  • This pump can work efficiently with wide voltage instability.

Kirloskar has upscaled their list of best submersible pumps in the Indian market by dropping some high-end manufactured submersible pumps with advanced features. Kirloskar’s submersible pumps are highly in demand for domestic as well as industrial water supply. They are quietly picked for manufacturing plants in India because of their cost-effective power consumption capabilities.

The pump also comes with a 2880 rpm power along with a powerful motor capacity, which further ensures the best experience like no other. It also does come with 1 horsepower, which is a pretty decent deal for the price point it comes with. The motor has also been designed in a way that helps to sustain any kind of extreme power fluctuations as well. So, overall, it’s the best submersible pump in India.

2. V-Guard Submersible Pump

V Guard V-Guard Submersible Pump 1HP 10 Stage with Digital Control Panel

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  • Low Energy Consumption
  • Rust free Stainless Steel Hardware
  • Anti-friction ball bearings
  • 100 mm lightweight portable device
  • Compatible Digital Control Panel/Starter
  • Comes with 1 Year All India Manufacturer Warrant

V-Guard is a known name in the market to design ergonomic products. There is no harm in saying that this submersible pump by V-guard brings a new definition of credibility with its high and durable features.

This is a 10 stage submersible pump built and designed to lift the head of the pump up to 68 meters. The food grain oil fitting system in the motor assures a great safety status to further improve the cooling effect for better lubrication. This stainless steel and rust-free material truly set a benchmark to restrain even the harshest of chemicals.

This Pump can be used for Domestic, Households, farmhouse and Overhead Tank water pumping purpose. This is our 2nd list of best submersible pump in India.

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3. Sameer I-Flo Submersible Pump 1HP

SAMEER 1HP 10 Stage V4 I-Flo Submersible Pump with Control Panel

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  • Discharge- 5000-7000 Litres Per Hour
  • Long Life Motor With Control Panel
  • Suitable For Bore Upto 4 Inch
  • V4 oil-lubricated motor
  • Good discharge output capacity
  • Comes with 1 Year Guarantee

On the list of best submersible pump, Sameer is the well-known submersible pump in India which delivers exquisite benefits that truly resonate with the products made by them. This is a V4 stainless steel pump with an oil-filled motor that pushes current supply with the quick force.

The pump can be installed horizontally as per the requirement and is accessible to discharge 5000-7000 output liters per hour. For safety, the motor is equipped with the thermal overload protector (TOP). The motor is capable of withstanding wide voltage fluctuations from 180-240 volts.

4. Havells Borewell V4 Submersible Pump

Kirloskar Kp4 Jalraaj-0713S 1.5HP Submersible Pump With Control Panel

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  • Consumes less power
  • Ideal choice for both water and oil filled motor
  • Material is Metal with copper winding
  • Fits well with oil and water-filled motors
  • Fitted with NVR to prevent backflow
  • Metal is resistant to abrasion and corrosion resistant.

For those looking for a reliable and good quality submersible pump, the Kirloskar submersible pump stands out in the lot. It works effortlessly and consumes as little power as possible which is quite amazing as well.

The pump is also quite versatile given that it works well with both the oil and water-filled motors, so you wouldn’t have to worry about anything. The pump connections have also been made based on the NEMA standards, so you need not look out for any risks regarding the same.

The best thing about the pump is cost-effective, it consumes less power which makes this pump an ideal choice for all your water requirements.

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5. Topland V3 Borewell Submersible Pump Set


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  • Good suction power
  • Efficient operation
  • Bowl impeller set with S.S. neckring
  • Easy Pump service & motor rewinding
  • Flexible to operate for consistent hours
  • Epoxy coated Rotor to protect against corrosion

The next one on the list has to be the Topland’s Pump Set. The reason why that is the best submersible pump for borewell is because of the effective results it brings along. With a powerful motor and an even amazing durable design, setting up this pump set is easy and doesn’t require much time.

This topland V3 borewell submersible pump is easy to assemble and durable in use. The LTB-4 grade bearing bush is wear and tear resistance that fully supports the efficient use of the motor. The 1 HP electricity consumption goes pretty much well with the energy-saving usage that can handle unstable voltage fluctuations.

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Things To Keep On Mind Before Buying Best Submersible Pump

Type of Water

Before you can look at any other feature, you want to consider the type of water you will be pumping with your submersible pump. Freshwater – mostly from the rain – calls for one with a narrow granulometry – maximum grain diameter – of about 5mm because the solid grains from this type of water are super small. For wastewater, the granulometry is usually 10–20mm while that of highly populated water is above 25mm.

Motor power

The motor power is normally measured in HP or Horsepower. It is not the only thing that plays a part in the power of the motor overall, but it does have an impact. The power is relevant, but you may prioritize some functions over this. There is no point in having a huge level of horsepower if it doesn’t actually do what you want it to, such as lifting to a certain height.


This is closely tied to the flow rate and the speed at which the pumps can operate. In some scenarios you will need a very fast flowing pump that can quickly clear a lot of water. If you are using your pump in an industrial setting, this can certainly be the case.

Discharge Rate

This factor mostly depends on the area and water table needs. The discharge rate is the rate measured per minute to know the amount of water pumped in minutes. If the area of pumping is big and requires more water supply then you must go for a higher discharge rate capacity model.

Suction power

A good suction power is vital to feature in ascertaining the best budget submersible pump. One should look for buying a motor that is highly efficient and shock-free.

Benefits of Using a Submersible Pump

Longer Life Span
A submersible pump lasts much longer when compared to any other pumps on the market. This is mainly due to the fact that its engine is constantly submerged in cool well water.


Given that the pump’s engine is sealed, you won’t be required to check or repair it that often. Regular maintenance is not something you will have on your mind.

Greater Water Yield

Compared to any other type of pumps, the submersible well pumps are known to have the greatest water yield. They are also ideal for all types of water needs – small, medium, large.

Energy Savings

Such pumps work hand in hand with gravity, so they save you energy. On top of that, submersible pumps are capable of 30% faster pressure when compared to jet pumps.


The fact that all submersible well pumps are primed will save you a lot of time.


Obviously, since they are entirely submerged in water, they don’t make as much noise as pumps placed on grass, for example.

FAQs [Best Submersible Pump In India]

Q. How does a submersible pump works?
Ans: If you are buying a submersible pump for your bore well, it is best that you first familiarize yourself with the functions of the same. For the most part, the pump works to push the water from the bore well into the surface.

The same is done with the conversion of the rotary energy into kinetic energy followed by the pressure energy. The process isn’t that complex as it sounds. This is also why it is important to get a good pump with a powerful rotor because that is what makes all the difference.

Q. What are the things that I should know before purchasing a submersible well pump?
Ans: Before purchasing a submersible well pump, it is vital that you know how much water your household requires for daily use and if the well you have available can produce enough water to meet the daily requirements.

Q. How deep should be a submersible pump in a well?
Ans: The submersible pumps should be deep enough inside the well to discharge higher water levels. The depth range can be anything between 25 feet to 400 feet.

Q. What is a single phase submersible pump?
Ans: A single-phase motor is a power a motor can operate. Single-phase motors are usually meant for residential purposes because it loads power under 1000 watts and is meant for smaller appliances.

Q. Can I use a submersible well pump all year round?
Ans: Yes, you can use a submersible well pump all through the year, assuming it is of a high enough quality. A lot of these products will come with some form of temperature control to either cool or warm when needed, so that the motor is not impacted by extreme temperatures through the different seasons.

Q. How long does a submersible pump last?
Ans: The majority of the submersible pumps that you find in the market come with a warranty period of around 2-3 years. So, naturally, people also think that the longevity of the pump is just that. That is not the case.

These pumps, if they are from a reliable company, will last you easily for 8-10 years, which is pretty satisfactory for the price point that it comes with. Just make sure that you do keep an eye out on the quality and the features without fail because those two factors matter a lot.

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