Top 7 Best Mosquito Killer Machine in India 2021 – Buying Guide & Reviews

Whether you’re indoors or camping somewhere in the woods, mosquitoes can be a real pain. Not only they irritate with their buzzing sound and bites, but they are also the carrier of many harmful diseases such as COVID-19, dengue, and malaria.

A lot of people use different types of mosquito repellent in the house which involves spray, diffusers and zapper rackets but the problem is that most of these release fumes which can be harmful to the babies.

Here we’ve researched the best mosquito killer machine to help you choose the best one for your home space. 




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Flowtron BK-15D Electronic Insect Killer

Hygiene 40W Jumbo Flying Insect Killer

Hunter Mosquito Repellant Machin

Gmark G-Trap Mosquito Killer

EXHAUSTIC Electronic Mosquito Killer Machine

ZIGMA Metal 20W Electric Bug Zapper

Obliq Mosquito Trap Killer Kids Safe USB Powered

1.Flowtron BK-15D Electronic Insect Killer

best mosquito killer machine


The Flowtron BK-15D is an open-air mosquito killer with a remarkable two-year warranty and tons of bug-killing supremacy.

The influential UV bulb can be substituted without using a screwdriver or other tools, and the polycarbonate body is intended to hold up to all kinds of climate.

Flowtron insect control device that meets your needs, whether you want to dine on your deck, host a croquet game in your yard, or stage a wedding in your field.

2.Hygiene 40W Jumbo Flying Insect Killer

best mosquito killer machine


The Hygiene 40W Jumbo flying insect killer is a UV tube catcher zapper repellent machine. Probably the best mosquito killer machine in India. It is easy to install and take-in for usage. 

This 40W Jumbo Flying Insect Killer provides covers a wide area around 3000 Sq.ft that ensures stress-free installation, either at your home or in your office. The machine is made using solid metal and lasts for years. You can use it for both residential and commercial purposes

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3.Hunter Mosquito Repellant Machine

best mosquito killer machine


On the list of best mosquito killer machine, this is another great affordable option, the Hunter mosquito repellent machine may not be a great looker. But what it lacks in beauty. It makes up for its performance & affordability.

Weigh of the machine is around 560 grams, it’s also easily portable, easy to install, and care for. Made entirely in India it comes with 6 months of warranty for its price it is understandably good, though it’s quite limited.

The device is splash-proof and comes with a 6.5 vault two-pin power input (no USB here, boo). The detachable tray is easy to clean. And to better facilitate installation, it also comes with s metallic hook on top.

4.Gmark G-Trap Mosquito Killer


The Gmark G-Trap is a reliable USB-powered mosquito-killing suitable machine day to day use. It is as powerful as it is effective with the capability to attract and trap insects instantly

And unlike repellants or sprays, it employs a purely physical way of getting rid of insects. As such, if you are looking for an eco-friendly machine, it cuts.

The Gmark G-trap is USB powered hence allows flexible powering options. You can use anything from a power bank to a laptop to keep it going. That way, you can use it at home, outdoors, or even in the office without any limitation. This is our fourth list of best mosquito killer machine.

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5.EXHAUSTIC Electronic Mosquito Killer Machine


This is one of the most amazingly designed mosquito killer machine. It resembles a smart speaker and hence it is very pleasing to the eyes as well. Getting into more details, this mosquito killer machine uses LED and cold cathode tube which is not harmful to humans.

Once the mosquito is attracted towards the LED Cathode, the fan sucks them in and it traps them inside the chamber in the machine.

6.ZIGMA Metal 20W Electric Bug Zapper


On the list of best mosquito killer machine, Zigma comes with a metal bug zapper and insect killer which works with low power consumption. It has both working sides, that is from front and back too. On the front, we have a grid with two rods of white light intact within thin black metal.

It covers a wide area due to its height. You do not need to speed off your fan to make its effective working. You need not charge it because it already has rods inserted inside it.

The convenient tray at the bottom helps in collecting the dead insects. You can remove this tray easily and clean after disposing of the bugs.

7.Obliq Mosquito Trap Killer Kids Safe USB Powered


The Obliq Mosquito Killer is optimized to offer impressive mosquito capturing capability is in line with typical needs. Like its peers, it does not release any toxic elements making it safe for user’s health and the environment. 

Specifically, it utilizes attractive lighting and fan to attract and suck in insects before facilitating physical killing. While it comes in a modest size, it can reliably whether outdoor or indoors. Besides, it is made of good quality plastic thus can withstand everyday use wear and tear. This is our last list of best mosquito killer machine.

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Things to keep in mind before buying Mosquito Killer Machine Area


Not every machine can cover the same area. That’s why it is important to choose according to how much space you have in your house. Larger machines can work more effectively in a bigger space than a fan type mosquito killer. Still, if you want a mosquito trap killer for a room, then an electric mosquito killer lamp with a fan might work fine. 

 Ease of use

It is always good to go dor a user-friendly mosquito killer for the typical household because Kids will use it too. But you can choose a lesser expensive model for your shop.

 Running Cost

This includes both buying cost and the maintenance cost of the device since it uses electricity for operation. You can also look for mosquito killers with an added programmable timer feature. This helps in activating the device automatically during the peak mosquito hours.


You must always check the security standards of the electric mosquito killers and keep it away from the reach of children and pets to avoid any hazard. If you are using a carbon-dioxide mosquito killer, you should place it away from the reach of people as it might lead to suffocation.


As human beings, it’s our responsibility to take care of our fragile environment. And make no mistake, chemical bug killers are bad news to the planet. Therefore, always try and invest in a model that’s eco-friendly, long-lasting, and offers much lower power consumption.


This one is important. The efficacy of a mosquito killer will vary depending on where it is going to be used. For smaller rooms, this may not be an issue. But for larger spaces like halls, lawns, or courts, you might have to pick a model (or models) that are powerful enough to cover the whole space.

Frequently Asked Questions [ Best Mosquito Killer Machine]

Q. Does UV light kill mosquitoes?

Ans: The female mosquitoes get attracted to water vapor and carbon dioxide that is present in the breath of the mammals and not UV light. However, the mosquito killers attract mosquitoes by emitting carbon dioxide using UV lights such as Octenol. This helps in attracting and killing them.

Q. Why do mosquitoes get attracted towards humans?

Ans: Since female mosquitoes suck human blood to lay eggs, the blood acts as protein for them. To find this, they get attracted towards humans with the help of carbon dioxide that they emit, body heat, or body odor.

Q.How do Mosquito Repellents work?

Ans: Mosquito Repellent does not kill the mosquito but instead creates an environment around us so that mosquito does not recognize us. It use chemicals like DEET, Picaridin, IR3535, Repellents also works on many other insects.

Q.What are the other ways of killing mosquitoes?

Ans: The other ways of killing mosquitoes are through mosquito magnets, which attract the mosquitoes and traps them after. Then, mosquito zapper bats that are supposed to be swung for killing the mosquitoes. Other is fog spread in the air.

Q.How does a mosquito killer work?

Ans: A mosquito killer has two functions firstly, attracting the mosquitoes in the room and then capture them into the machine through attractive LED light made up of UV. They get killed when they sit on it or get sucked inside the device chamber and die of dehydration there.

Q.Do they smell, and if they do, how can I clean them?

Ans: The short answer is no. as long as you clean them regularly & maintain them, you shouldn’t have any issues with any odours. As far as cleaning these goes, just a wipe with a wet washcloth is enough to help sanitize them. Just make sure to unplug them first.

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