Best LED Tube Light In India (Jan 2021) – Reviews and Buying Guide

When you think of buying lights, Most of the people preferred LED light as the best option. With so many brands present in Indian electrical markets, choosing the best led tube light that not only saves on utility consumption but is also long-lasting can be a cumbersome task.

The LED tube lights are progressively replacing the conventional tube lights, as the former is quite energy-efficient, can help homeowners to significantly cut down their electricity bills. This has reformed the lightning market.

In this article, we’ll provide comprehensive best LED tube lights in India. It will help you to find out best LED bulb according to high specifications.




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Philips Astra Line Plus 24-Watt LED Batten

Wipro High Lumen 22-Watt LED Batten Light

Eveready 20-Watt LED Batten

Syska T5 18-Watt LED Tubelight

Crompton LDRR24-CDL LED Tubelight

1.Philips Astra Line Plus 24-Watt LED Batten

best led tube light


Philips LED bulbs are the most trusted brands in market because this brand don’t do any compromise in terms of quality. This is a perfect choice for those who want to change their conventional bulbs.

 This tube light can manage with only 24 watts as compared to traditional lights that can go up to 38 watts. Philips is one of the best led tube light available in the Indian Market.

It has a wide operating voltage range of 160-360 V with 2 KV surge protection. This ensures even and comfortable light. However, you should not look at the led batten directly, as it may cause discomfort to your eyes.

2.Wipro High Lumen 22-Watt LED Batten Light

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Wipro has impressive lumens/watt, CRI and power factor then other biggest players. This 22 W LED Batten compliments the beautiful decor of your home.

It has color-changing LED tube light from Wipro will render a stroke of surprise and excitement to your room. This 22W LED tube light not only changes the color ambiance of the space to suit your mood but also lower the energy bills.

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3.Eveready 20-Watt LED Batten

best led tube light in india


In the list of best led tube light, this gives you a wide distribution of light at a low-cost level.

Every day gives you three colour options and you can choose according to your requirement.

 Warm white light: 2700K

Pearl white light: 4000K

Cool day white light: 6500K

 Eveready light is built with the fire retardant polycarbonate body that ensures endurance and durability and hence allows you to enjoy bright lighting for years

4.Syska T5 18-Watt LED Tubelight

best led tube light in india


Fourth list of best led tube light, Syska 18W LED light is best-suited for regular lighting purposes. This LED tube light has lower energy consumption, thereby saves on daily energy consumption. 

It reduces the emission of CO2 as a result, less energy consumption, easy to install fixtures, longer durability has made Syska LEDs undoubted champions among its competitors. This is quite efficient and has a long life span (50000 hours).

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5.Crompton LDRR24-CDL LED Tubelight

led tube light in india


Illuminate your home, office or work space with warm or neutral lights from Crompton. It is energy-efficient, saving 90% of energy. This will save your monthly utility bills with its 18 W LED light. This is engineered to give glare free distributed light.

The slim and visually-pleasing design of the Crompton Slim LED tube light will help improve its overall look. This is our final list of best led tube light in India.

Buying Guide for best led tube light in India

Lumens for brightness

Lumens is a unit that measures the intensity of brightness that light can generate. Higher the lumen value, brighter the light.

For households, tube lights with 1600-lumen capacity are enough. Whereas, for office premises, tubelights must have at least 2000-lumen brightness.


LED watts can determine the Light lumens. Watt is the input that goes in tube lights. It is therefore essential to choose between 14-20W LEDs if the room is larger. An 11-13 W would be sufficient for study purposes.

Longer Life Span

In fact LED lights do not have a filament to break or burn out. Thus LED light ensures brighter luminescence, longevity, and energy-saving efficiency. As a result, it is preferred over other types of bulbs as it outlasts ordinary lights by thousands of hours. 

Modern LED products are much more durable than age-old tube lights. In fact, this is a good reason enough to switch over to LED battens.

Colour temperature 

LED tube lights come in different colours, and are measured by their colour temperature—sometimes called colour correlation temperature (CCT)—in Kelvin (K).

Warm yellow light, meant for a soothing and relaxing ambiance, can be identified by a colour temperature of around 3000K. On the other hand, bright cool blue or white light can be identified by a colour temperature of over 5000K. Common white light is identifiable at around 6500K.

However, it should be noted that higher colour temperature can often be accompanied by a strong glare. To avoid this, check for milky diffused property in tube lights, where emitted light is dampened slightly by the diffusor. On the other hand, in case of a clear diffusor, complete intensity of the light is emitted.


Some LED companies provide a warranty on their product. This makes the product more reliable and ensures the customer has the manufacturer’s back.   

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Frequently Asked Question [ Best LED Tube Light ]

Q. Are LED lights good for reading?

Ans: Absolutely, they are good for reading. In fact, the LED light causes no harm to your eyes while reading. Hence they are safe for your eyes. However, you should not look directly to the LED light. The glare can cause discomfort to your eyes.

Q. How are LED lights better than other lights?

Ans: LED lights emit 80% more energy as compared to fluorescent lights. This is because only 5%energy is emitted and 95% energy is converted into light. These light are good for the environment as it does not emit any toxins.

Q.What ate best features of LED lights ?

Ans: Many tubelights come with the option of dimmers or remote controls. Of course, these luminaries are costlier than standard ones. Dimmers are installed on the control switches. Wireless (Bluetooth- or Wi-Fi-enabled) lights can also be controlled through smartphones. 

Some benefits of these LED lights include brightness adjustment as desired, remote switching on/off and dimming of lights, better aesthetic appeal and, of course, more electricity savings.

Q. What is the average lifespan of LED light?

Ans: LED tubes last much longer than ordinary fluorescent. The average lifespan of LED is 20000-50000 hours. It can run up to 17 years if consumed for 8 hours per day. 

Q. Do LED lights require choke?

Ans: LED tube sets are plug and play type and works perfectly in fluorescent fixtures. This is driven by LED drives that require a constant voltage supply.

Best LED Lighting Companies in India

Philips Electronics India Ltd
Havells India Ltd
Kwality Photonics Pvt Ltd


So we can clearly conclude by saying that LEDs are more efficient, it has a longer life span and reduces strain from the eyes. They emit less amount of heat as compared to traditional bulbs. Moreover, LED technology illuminates a room more efficiently as it emits light for only 180 degrees. 

I hope you liked our list and got benefited from this list. If you have any queries regarding the list then you can contact us via our Facebook handle.

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