Top 5 Best Lamination Machine In India (Nov 2020)

Laminating machines are widely used in homes and for office purpose. In this article, we had selected best lamination machine that helps to save documents from wear and tear, improve their stability and strength, and improve appearance or other properties, ranging from the reasons for lamination. 

Selecting the best lamination machine is far more challenging than any other gadget. There is no established brand for lamination machine. Actually, brand reputation is a huge factor in deciding the expected durability of a product.

However, there are several products that are available in the market. Hence, to make the best buy, it is important to check the features and quality of a laminator. 

  • Size of the paper – A capacity to laminate A4 size sheets is good enough for most people. 
  • The maximum thickness of a document –Try settling for a laminator that has the capacity of laminating sheets of 160 microns at least. 
  • Warranty of the lamination machine- one-year warranty is desirable.




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VMS Professional LM Deluxe Lamination

SToK ST-L11A A4 Laminating Machine

JD9 Lamination Machine

Texet A4 Lamination Machine

Bambalio Hot & Cold Laminatorr

1.VMS Professional LM Deluxe Lamination

best lamination machine


The VMS Professional LM Deluxe lamination machine is one of the best lamination machines available on the market today, this product, unlike other products, comes at a reasonable price for the features it provide. 

This machine is designed to laminate a document of maximum width 320mm and can laminate 475mm in just a minute. This lamination machine is designed to laminate printed document with a size up to A3. 

This laminating machine is specially designed with a Four roller for a better result. It requires minimum power consumption which 

2. SToK ST-L11A A4 Laminating Machine

best lamination machine


SToK ST-L11A A4 lamination machine can laminate print material with a size almost up to A4 with ease. It offers both hot and cold lamination settings. It is relatively fast with a speed of 250mm/minute and has the feature of auto-turn off in cases of overheating.

 It is a pretty cost-effective product that will fit anyone’s budget. It has a one-year offsite warranty. Also, this machine comes with a complimentary pack of 5 laminating sheets of A4 sizes.

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3.JD9 Lamination Machine

Best Lamination Machine In India


If you want a lamination machine that is ideal for home, school, and office use, then the JD9 laminator is for you. It offers high-quality laminating perfect for use & have metal body in grey and is compatible with all sizes up to A3 sheets. 

The machine uses the dual lamination system of hot and cold laminations with a jam control system to turn the rollers manually in case of a jam. The warm-up time is very less and the signals when it is ready for laminating the papers.

4.Texet A4 Lamination Machine


In the list of best lamination machine Texet A4 laminator is another portable and easy to use best lamination machine available in India.

 This machine, unlike most of the lamination machine works faster. Yet another important feature that comes incorporated into this machine is the rocker switch on its side that allows the user to switch on the machine, and switch off the machine.

With this lamination machine, you can laminate documents or pictures pretty quickly, owing to its super-fast speed of 300 mm/min. This machine also has an indicator that shows when it is ready for laminating. 

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5.Bambalio Hot & Cold Laminatorr

Lamination Machine


 Bambalio Automatic heavy-duty professional is one of the best lamination machines that could be used both at home and in a commercial place.

You can use it to laminate ID cards, documents, pictures, and other valuable paperwork, not exceeding the size of an A3 sheet. This is our final list of best lamination machine In India.

Buying Guide for the best Laminating Machine

best lamination machine in india

A lamination machine is an essential item that decides how well your essential documents will be protected. Hence, you must buy it only after considering if its feature suits your needs. Here are some of the important features of a lamination machine that you must consider before buying it: 

Size of the document –

 Each type of lamination machine is designed to laminate different size documents, A3, A4, A5, and A6, etc. So, before purchasing a lamination machine, have an idea of what size document you need to laminate.

Ease of using – 

A lamination machine could be used by any people, it could be a kid or a grown-up. However, a laminator with complicated switches is not ideal for kids and therefore, always be sure on which type of laminator to select.

Thickness of the document you need to laminate – 

Different documents comes with different thickness, most of the documents have a maximum thickness of 250 microns and common lamination machines can laminate it. 

The frequency of use

The heating time can be higher than 5 minutes for sporadic use. For a more frequent or intense use, we recommend you to opt for a device with a heating time between 1 and 3 minutes.

Hot and Cold LaminationA Little Versatility is Always Good

  • Hot lamination—In this type of lamination, heated rollers melt the glue that works as adhesive to stick the laminating films with one another. 
  • Cold Lamination— This type of lamination is done when a document is heat sensitive. In cold lamination, pressure is used to make the adhesive coat on the films stick to each other. 

It is better to go for a laminator that offers both these settings. While hot lamination is mostly needed, but you might as well need to use the cold setting once in a while. So, a little versatility is always good. 

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Types of Laminator Machines

  • Hot Pouch Laminator Machine
  • Cold Pouch Laminator Machine
  • Cold Roll Feed Laminator Machine
  • Single & Double Hot Roll Feed Laminator Machine
  • Cold Basic Roll Feed Laminator Machine

Frequently Asked Question [Best Lamination Machine]

Q. Can laminating a document protect it from all external factors? 

Ans: Laminating your document will protect it from water, dust, dirt and keep it new. However, it will not protect a paper from fire and you must be careful while handling fire around your documents. 

Q.How to pick out the right laminating sleeves?

Ans: It is important to find a product that is compatible with your laminator, for an optimal result. First, you need to verify if your device accepts rolls or sleeves, then you check out if it is a model for warm or cold lamination. 

Q.What are the common causes of jamming in a lamination machine?

Ans: Some of the common causes of jamming are;

*Improper temperature setting

*Lamination pouch is thicker than the permissible thickness

*The actual document is too small in comparison with the plastic pouch.

Q.Will a laminator machine turn itself off in case of overheating? 

Ans: It will turn off only if your machine is equipped with the overheating protection feature. If not, then your machine will heat up and potentially damage itself.


Listed above are the best lamination machine available on the market today and they were selected based on the customer reviews.

However, the buying guide above will help you select the best laminating machine from the market.

I hope you liked our list and got benefited from this list. If you have any queries regarding the list then you can contact us via our Facebook handle.

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