Top 7 Best Chimney In India 2021- Reviews & Buying Guide

Top 7 Best Chimney In India 2021- Reviews & Buying Guide

Are you looking for the best chimney for your kitchen, and wondering which is best for you? If yes, then we have done comprehensive research and made a list of best kitchen chimney in India that you can buy at the most affordable rates.

The kitchen is the most important section of the home where we cook food that is necessary for every human to live. In cooking, especially in Indian cooking, we use a lot of spices and oil for frying, grilling, and tempering.

A healthy and fresh kitchen is the heart of a family. It is a place where the nutrition for all members comes from. So, it is essential to keep it oil-free and clean. It not only makes the kitchen look cleaner and feel fresher but also adds to the style quotient of your cooking space, which makes it an essential part of any new age kitchen.

Out of so many brands out there, we have handpicked some of the top-rated kitchen chimneys that have won our hearts with every aspect from perfection to price.




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Elica 60 cm Auto Clean Chimney 

Eurodomo 90cm Auto-Clean Kitchen Chimney

Faber 90 cm Auto-Clean Kitchen Chimney

Hindware 60cm Auto Clean Chimney

Elica 90 cm Auto Clean Chimney 

Inalsa 60 cm Pyramid Kitchen Chimney 

Sunflame 60 cm Auto Clean Kitchen Chimney 

1.Elica 60 cm Auto Clean Chimney

best chimney in India


The first product on our list is from Elica and this is certainly one of the most popular one because of its excellent design that you will find in the Indian market. It has 1200m^3/hr suction power which is efficient enough in getting rid of smoke, heat and harmful gases, thereby making it a useful appliance to have in your kitchen. 

This kitchen chimney comes equipped with 2 LED lamps underneath to provide perfect lighting while cooking. It consumes 180 watts, thereby ensuring lower utility bills.

This model is best suited for a 2-4 burner gas stove. It also comes with an installation kit that has aluminium tape, clamp, aluminium duct pipe and cowl cover. It also has a one-year warranty on the product and a five-year warranty on the motor.

2.Eurodomo 90cm Auto-Clean Kitchen Chimney


Are you looking for a chimney that offers you better coverage? Well, check out this model from Eurodomo which features a 90 cm size for you. The curved glass mount gives it an elegant look and this is coupled with a premium black finish which adds to a modern look to the chimney.

This chimney comes with a powerful motor to enable a suction power of 1200 m3/hr. Therefore, you have less smoke and more fragrance while cooking. The chimney has a noiseless operation with excellent air purifying performance.

Operating this chimney is convenient because touch control panel present on the top of chimney provides easy and fast operation. It comes with 2 LED lights are provided at the front of the chimney which brighten the cooking area. This is our 2th list of the best kitchen chimney in India.

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3.Faber 90 cm Auto-Clean Kitchen Chimney


Faber is an established brand in the world when it comes to kitchen appliances. Faber is known for their superior suction technology, higher efficiency and lesser noise. This is probably the first model in the market that comes with a filter-less technology and a control gesture. Filterless technology is the next generation of the auto-clean feature.

This model comes with the suction power of 1500m3/hr is excellent, that helps to cook your food peacefully and comfortably. Though the suction power is high, it doesn’t produce much noise so you can peacefully concentrate on your cooking.

The Faber chimney comes equipped with a powerful motor to enable high suction capacity. It also makes the chimney durable and less noisy.

4.Hindware 60cm Auto Clean Chimney


Hindware has been in the business for over 60 years and is committed to manufacture products with excellent quality kitchen appliances with advanced technology and aesthetic designs. This chimney has a glistening appearance with a premium stainless-steel finish.

This duct type of kitchen chimney has the suction power of 1200m3/hr which effective enough in removing smoke, odour and harmful gases. The model has an inbuilt oil collector for simple maintenance and cleaning. 

The chimney also has 2 integrated LED lamps which makes it easier for you to cook the food. It helps you in achieving the optimal level of grill because of better lighting. The efficient motor ensures that it utilises as little power as possible. Operating the chimney is comfortable because of the one-touch controls. This is our 4th list of the best kitchen chimney in India.

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5.Elica 90 cm Auto Clean Chimney

best kitchen chimney in India


On the list of best chimney in India, another on our list is Elica kitchen chimney is a popular one because of its excellent design. It has a baffle filter which is the best filter for the chimney. The design, look and feel is also elegant and it can suit all kitchen types easily.

With a suction capacity of 1425 m3/hr, it can clean more quickly and efficiently. Thus, you can get a healthier and fresh kitchen atmosphere. With this high suction power, it is also one of the best kitchen chimneys for restaurants. 

The product comes with 2 baffle filters that are capable of removing unhealthy smoke and greasy things. It helps you make it oil and smoke-free. The chimney is an energy-efficient one that does not require much maintenance. 

6.Inalsa 60 cm Pyramid Kitchen Chimney


The Inalsa Nexa kitchen chimney is a compact and elegantly designed kitchen hood. It has 2 speed settings which you can adjust according to your need at a point of time. Durable toughened glass increases the safety perspective in the kitchen chimney.

 It has suction capacity of 1050 cubic meters per hour, this energy-efficient appliance will keep your kitchen fresh and clean. It can handle smoke or heat from heavy frying and grilling as well. It operates in a silent manner and it is low on the maintenance end.

The baffle filter requires a service or cleaning after every 6 months which means for 6 months you are stress-free about how to clean the chimney. The heat auto-clean functionality with an oil collector makes your cooking obsession more worry-free.

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7.Sunflame 60 cm Auto Clean Kitchen Chimney

best chimney in India


Sunflame is another popular Chimney brand in India, known for their variety of kitchen appliances, especially the stoves. The outer body of the chimney is extremely durable, completely rustproof with black powder-coated finish. It ensures a longer lifespan of the kitchen chimney.

It has high-efficiency 190w motor that gives a powerful suction of 1100 cubic meter/hr which is good enough for a medium-sized kitchen.

This hood features Heat Auto-Clean technology that helps in getting rid of oil and grease particles. This helps in maintaining the suction capacity for a longer time. It comes with two energy-efficient  LED lights that give the perfect amount of light while cooking. This is our final list of the best kitchen chimney in India.

Things To consider while choosing the best chimney in India


The size of the chimney plays a vital role while you are purchasing a chimney for your home. You should make sure that you select the kitchen chimney according to the size of the kitchen. If you are having a small kitchen, then make sure that you select a functional and compact chimney.

Noise Level

The motors of the chimneys tend to make a noise due to air circulation. Thus, the volume of noise created must be your major consideration point as well. Few chimneys come with silent-kit installed for added comfort.

Suction Power of the Chimney

The main aspect or principle on which a chimney works is – suction power. So, it is very important to consider this factor while making the purchase. If you are wondering how to know the right suction power, then there is a thumb rule – a chimney should be able to suck 10 times of air volume in the given space. In India, suction power is represented in cubic meter per hour.

A chimney with high suction power is powerful enough. Most of the kitchens in India are small, having an average of 48 cubic meters. So, the best suction power for any average Indian kitchen is 480 cubic meters per hour. 


Many of the chimneys these days come with Auto clean function. When you switch it on, the exhaust, motor and filter parts are heated up to melt the accumulated oil. The oil is then sucked down and collected in the dedicated basket/oil container, which you can dispose off. Auto clean function makes a chimney almost maintenance free.

Design of the chimney

Depending on the design, kitchen chimneys are of two types i.e. Contemporary and Convectional. Contemporary Chimneys are mostly used in modular kitchens because of their sleek design and style symbol.

 They are generally made of stainless steel and come in different colour variants and are more expensive. On the other hand, Convectional Chimneys are less expensive, less stylish and more focused on performance rather than the style.

Maintenance and Care

The filter and suction power of the chimney defines the level of maintenance and care required by any chimney. Opting for a low maintenance chimney or chimney with an auto-clean feature will inevitably make your life easier.


It is recommended that you purchase a reputed brand that offers a long time warranty on the product as well as the motor. Also, be specific while you are choosing the filter or motor and perhaps select the one that requires less maintenance and servicing.

Miscellaneous Features

Apart from the above features, you can look into other aspects like manufacturer’s reputation, price and other advanced features in chimneys like auto-clean feature, buzzer to indicate time for cleaning, LED light indicator to inform you of chimney malfunctioning, variable speed levels, detachable oil collector, auto-heat sensors etc.

Different types of kitchen chimneys

best kitchen chimney

Curved Glass Chimneys

This is one of the most popular design for the chimney. It makes less noise and has separate indoor and outdoor units. It is suitable for both small & large kitchen size.

Wall mounted Chimney

The kitchen chimneys which are installed, and fitted against the cooktop and the wall of your kitchen is considered as the wall-mounted chimneys. These chimneys are adjacent to the wall and don’t need any extra support.

Straight line Chimneys

Most of the Indian kitchen have limited space. In such cases, it may not be possible to install wall mounted chimneys. So, straight line chimneys can be the perfect alternative. They are specially designed to fit into tight spaces and provide flawless operation without being too visible.

Angular Chimneys

Angular chimneys are a perfect combination of style, elegance, and efficiency. They can fit well into small Indian kitchens as well as the big ones, making the kitchen interiors look classy. They have excellent suction power, which makes them the right choice for an Indian kitchen.

Box Type Chimneys

These chimneys are also called ceiling mounted cook hoods. They also provide a visual appeal to your kitchen space. The steel and glass items used for making this chimney are of high quality. Apart from that, the surface of these chimneys are dirt resistant, so you don’t have to worry about cleaning regularly. 

pyramid kitchen chimney

Pyramid Chimneys

Pyramid chimneys are the most common chimneys, shaped like a pyramid. These come with in-built baffle filters which are also capable of lowering power usage. And, the integrated baffle filters make it a perfect choice for the Indian style of cooking.

FAQs [Best Kitchen Chimney In India]

Q.Is Chimney necessary in kitchen?

Ans: Yes, A kitchen chimney is really necessary. It sucks up all the oily and smoky particles released during cooking and makes kitchen as well as home fresh and free from pollution. Due to this, most of the times it is also referred as the “heart of the kitchen”.

Q.How does a kitchen chimney work?

Ans: A chimney is fitted right above the cooking appliance. When turned on it sucks the oil, smoke, steam, odor generated during cooking. The oil gets trapped into the oil collectors and the odor, smoke, steam, heat is thrown out of the kitchen through the duct.

Q.Is it good to use kitchen chimneys?

Ans: Yes, In the modern era it is great to use a kitchen chimney as it eliminates the smoke, dust & grease particles from your kitchen & gives you a healthy and hygienic environment in the home. It enhances the cooking experience by reducing indoor pollution levels to some extent.

Q.Should I clean my chimney regularly?

Ans: Yes, you should clean your chimney regularly as the excess dust particles would affect the suction capacity of the machine and also increases the noise.

Q.How to choose the right size of chimney?

Ans: Selecting the proper size of chimney is very important. This is because it should properly fit in your kitchen space. It depends on the number of burners in your oven. For 2-4 burners, 60cm chimney can be suitable option for you. But if it has 3-5 burners, a 90cm chimney is the best option for you.

Q.How can I reduce the noise of chimney? 

Ans: If you are buying a kitchen chimney with high suction power, then you have to adjust with the noise. Because higher the suction power will be the noisier will be the chimney. But if you want excellent performance, then you have to buy a high capacity suction power chimney.

So, what you can do to reduce the noise? You can turn it on before & after 5 minutes of cooking. This will eliminate all of the smoke and odors that are present in your kitchen and enhances the air quality. And when you start cooking, then the load will be very lees to the chimney. Thus, it will make lesser noise.

Q.How does auto clean chimney work?

Ans: Auto cleaning chimney equipped with Aluminum non-stick turbine blower through which cooking fumes passes. Due to centrifugal forces oil particles are forced to move toward blower wall and collected in easy to remove and washable collector/bowls.


In today’s time, kitchen chimneys have almost become a necessity, especially for Indian kitchens. These are the best kitchen chimneys that you will find in India. You can compare the different models and understand the kind of features that you would like to have in your chimney. Hope this buying guide will help you select the best kitchen chimney in India.

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