Top 7 Best Cash Counting Machine In India (Oct 2020)

You are more likely to make a mistake while counting cash note when you have to count more notes in one go. Counting money by hand is time-consuming and creates lots of burdens.

Cash counting machines have simplified the process of manually counting when large amounts of money are being deposited by customers. It allows you to easily and quickly count notes while making sure that all of the notes are genuine.

Finding the counterfeit or fake currency notes is one of the biggest problems in India.

Fortunately, thanks to the technology, we have these best cash counting machine with fake notes detecting feature that make your job simpler.

1.Ooze Note Counting Machine

best cash counting machine


If you are looking for great features with a budget-friendly price then Ooze is the best choice for you. The machine features UV and MG detection that will detect fake notes. This one also features automatic-start, reset and stop function. 

The device features a sleek, white body housing a much familiar setup of key components. One of the best things that this machine offers is that you will get a separate extension display. This machine needs only 60 watts of power to operate

2.Godrej Crusader Lite cash Counter Machine

note counting machine


The brand Godrej is known for manufacturing high-end homedecor and as well as office use which never fails to satisfy their customers. It is one of the most popular companies in India.

It has an attractive design and a strong build quality. It comes in a navy-grey color. The cover material of this note counter is plastic. This device comes with lots of useful features.


It has a counting speed of 1000 notes per minute and includes multiple features like batching, adding and self-examination of half-notes and broken notes.

3.SToK (ST-MC01) Currency Counting Machine


The STOK ST-MC01 Currency Counting Machine is one of the best cash counting machine for retailers. This model is very much beneficial for speed counting as it has a capacity of counting 1000 notes per minute. 

It has some features like stop and clearing function, automatic start, batching, adding and self-examination. It has large front-facing display which helps to easily read LED screen and track note counts.

It can easily detect half note, fake note and double note as well due to the automatic detecting feature with MG (magnetic) and UV (Ultraviolet) sensors.

4.Kores Easy Count 440 Currency Counting Machine


On the list of best cash counting machine, Kores comes with style befitting a money handling device, alongside a rather impressive collection of features for a mid-range priced model.

It can count all types of notes issued by the Reserve Bank of India. This device can detect Euro and USD currencies. It has counting speed of 900 notes/min. Additional buttons allow you to put more notes inside and count them with ease. This thing makes it an impressive choice.

5.Dinshi Note Counting/Currency Counting Machine


The note counting machine by Dinshi comes with automatic start and stop function. The machine is equipped with multiple features that reduce the stress of manual note counting. This is our fifth list of best cash counting machine in India.

It not only supports Indian currency but also supports most of the currencies across the world. It has automatic half-note, fake note and defective notes detection mechanism.

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6.GOBBLER GB5388 Cash Counting Machine


This currency counting machine uses magnetic sensor and UV light to detect duplicates, cut notes and chain notes easily. It has Advanced Counterfeit Detection with UV / MG / IR / MT which can easily detect fake notes.

It has automatic start/stop, batching and self-examination. It comes with 1 year manufacturer warranty. This is our sixth list of best cash counting machine India.

7.Office Bird Currency Note Counting Machine

cash counting machine


Another best cash counting machine in our list is Office Bird is highly reliable to detect fake notes in quick time. You can find out plenty of versions available in the same but this one is special due to effective working and easy to use options from the same.

 it comes with an LED display screen which gave us an easy view of the data. The maximum batch capacity of this machine is to count 999 notes in one try that’s why it is reliable. You can try outputting the latest notes inside this machine that’s why this one is way better to prefer.

Benefits of cash Counting Machines

  • Time-Saving
  • Easy to Use
  • Accurate (99.9%)
  • User-friendly
  • Portability
  • Counting Speed
  • Detection of Counterfeit Notes

Best Cash Counting Machine – Buying Guide

Whilst buying any currency counting machine, you surely need to take the following aspects into consideration since they are going to assist you in making a good decision.

Mixed Bill Counter

 This kind of a note counter not just shows the totality of notes, but moreover assesses every bill to provide you with the details about the total number of notes and their overall value. 

Additionally, it might moreover avoid those counting errors whilst the note of incorrect denomination sneaks inside the sack.

Counting Speed

A majority of the currency counting machines offer a counting speed in the range of 900 – 1500 currency notes per minute. This might be supportive in saving both effort and time of the user.

 Although the greater speed sounds extraordinary, in case the hopper capacity is in between the range of 100 or 200 bills per minute 


This is a simple option that counts and displays the number of notes you are inserting the machine regardless of the value. It is beneficial only if the notes are arranged in perfect synchronization.

Fake Currency Detection

 This is quite important to check that the counting machine does not accept the fake currency. It ensures that you do not count fake currency.

Multi-Currency Support

If you want a currency machine that can count more than one type of currency, so that kind of machine is available in the market, find one which gives you various currency options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.How does a note(cash) counting machine work?

Ans: It is controlled by a microprocessor, and a mechanical structure helps to pull notes. The scanner scans one note at a time and based on how many times the beam of light is interrupted, and by that machine knows how many notes have been passed through the machine.

Q.How many stacks of money can these cash counters count?

Ans: Most of the popular note counting machine companies support up to 1000 notes per minute and at least 200 to 300 stacks capacity.

Q.How does the counter report errors?

Every counting machine comes with a digital display screen where all the errors (if any) are usually displayed through a specific error code.

 Q.How accurate are the note counting machines?

Ans: The note counting machines are very accurate. You can expect a 99.99% accuracy with them.

 Q.What is the best counterfeit detection technology?

Ans: Considering the top two technologies used in counterfeit detection systems (UV and Magnetic resonance), there isn’t a significant difference in terms of advantages.

Though magnetic resonance is more advanced, there are no evident and distinct practical advantages it has over Ultraviolet based detection systems.

Q.How fast does the cash counting machine work?

Ans: All of these happen in a fraction of seconds, you will get stunned by seeing that machines speed a remarkable creation. 

And if the note is passed through the machine, then it informs that it is the fact that all those are real and genuine notes. Generally, the machine has a high accuracy of counting 1000 notes in one minute.


This is our final list of best cash counting machine in India. These machines will not only save your valuable time in counting large sums of money in minutes but also save helps you finding Fake notes with utmost perfection.

I hope you liked our list and got benefited from this. If you have any queries regarding the list then you can contact us via our Facebook handle.

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